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Lone Star will offer preparation to write and present a variety of speeches. These main categories will be covered in speech: Interpretive Speaking, Limited Preparation Speaking, Platform Speaking, and Wildcard Event Speeches. Each of these categories offers distinct opportunities for students to develop their communication skills. To learn more specifics:

NCFCA Speech

Stoa Speech


We encourage speech students to compete in a minimum of 2 speech events for optimal benefit or as many as they can handle.

Younger siblings are always welcome to compete in Junior Tournaments, often held during some NCFCA and Stoa tournaments and at the same locations.

Benefits of Speech

Platform Speaking

  • Organization & Outlining

  • Grammar

  • Source Citation (MLA Format)

  • Thesis Writing

  • Persuasive Writing

  • Informative Writing

  • Research

Interpretive Speaking

  • Story Telling

  • Story Sequencing

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Acting

  • Choreography

Limited Preparation Speaking

  • Abstract Thinking

  • Research

  • Logic

  • Organization & Outlining

  • Source Citation

  • Bible knowledge

  • Current Events

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