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2019 Debate Tournament

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Student/Competitor Info.

Event Name: Keep Debate Weird (meaning, we’ll have fun!)



Fri, Feb. 22 (12:30pm - 9 pm)

Sat., Feb. 23 (7:15 am - 7 pm)


3 Debate Types: 

TP & LD (using Stoa league’s resolutions)

Parli (where the fun is!)


Location: just north of Austin, TX (the weird city)


Shenandoah Baptist Church

 3003 Blue Ridge Dr.

Cedar Park, TX 78613



$15/student/debate type (cool price – huh?!)

Except for illnesses, there will be no refunds after registration closes.

$5 fee if an event is dropped due to extra work for staff.



Opens Fri., Feb. 1 at 8 am

Closes Fri., Feb. 8 at 8 pm

Keep reading and then you’ll see the link!

Space is limited. 


Parent Available to Judge: A parent from each family will be required to be on-site and available to judge every round, although a parent will not need to judge every round. Lone Star is working hard to recruit community judges, but our club only has 6 member families. 


1st Round Judging: The first round will be an all-parent panel. Parents please be prepared to take a ballot the first round.


TAB:  Open TAB – results which will be posted as the tournament progresses.  


Dress Code:  Keep it professional.  Don’t push the limits, just be real.  You must be professionally dressed to Stoa NITOC standards until after awards.  If you are confused in any way, let us know ahead of time!


Time Pieces: You will be self-timing, so make sure that you have working timepieces ready to go.


Meals: We will bring lunch in on Saturday only for those who wish to order when registering.  Pizza, drink and a cookie will be provided, though not gluten-free. $5.50/person. You are responsible for bringing all of your other snacks and meals.

Ballot Pick-Up:  Ballots will be distributed electronically through Google Docs.  We’re saving on paper and this allows us to keep the costs down.  Every competitor will need to submit a correct e-mail address.


Stoa Membership:  Please ensure that your family membership is complete and that the student information is correct before attempting to register for this tournament. 


NITOC Qualification: This is a NITOC qualifying tournament and we will follow all rules in accordance with Stoa guidelines.

Parli Details:


A little Parli fun: Students will be allowed to wear a hat of their choice.  In addition, each team may have a tasteful mascot sitting on the table during the round.  You may NOT pick up the mascot, but you may refer to it, if it will further illustrate your point. The hat and/or mascot may not be brought into TP/LD rounds.


Resolutions: There will be one resolution for each round.  No strikes.


Parli Rules: Please review the updated Parli rules and Audience Participation documents on the STOA USA web site.  


Keep track of your time:  You must be in the Parli announcement room 5 minutes before the scheduled time for each round.  We will not wait for you and there will be norole call.

Internet: You are required to provide your own internet as this facility has unreliable internet access.



Friday Feb. 22 

   12:30     12:45     Check-in

   12:45     1:00      Announcements

    1:00     2:45      TP/LD Round 1

    2:45     4:00      Parli Round 1

    4:00     5:45      TP/LD Round 2

    5:45     6:15      Snack/Dinner

    6:15     7:30      Parli Round 2

    7:30     9:00      TP/LD Round 3

Saturday Feb. 23

    7:15     7:30      Arrival Resolution read at 7:30 sharp

    7:30     8:45      Parli Round 3

    8:45    10:30      TP/LD Round 4

   10:30    11:45      Parli Round 4

   11:45    12:15      Lunch

   12:15     2:00      TP/LD Round 5

    2:00     3:15      Parli Round 5

    3:15     5:00      TP/LD Round 6

    5:00     6:15      Parli Round 6

    6:45     7:00      Awards


Registration has closed.

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